It's Ok to Cry Mama : Michele Lovetri
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It’s Ok to Cry Mama

It’s Ok to Cry Mama

It’s ok to cry mama, you’re going thru a season,

You’re heart and mind are at odds trying to find a reason.

It’s ok to cry mama, none of us know what to do,

You’re trying your best and that’s what counts, it’s all any of us can do.

It’s ok to cry mama, things are not happening the way you thought they would,

You’re unsure of which road to turn to and if you think you should.

It’s ok to cry mama, raising humans is hard,

You’re running on empty, your mind a tornado and wondering where to start.

It’s ok to cry mama, I feel lonely at times too,

You’re reaching out, so know I’m here, ready to walk with you.

It’s ok to cry mama, this moment is just temporary,

You’re stronger than you know and truly extraordinary.

It’s ok to cry mama, being perfect doesn’t exist,

You’re perfectly imperfect, just the way you are, and your children’s only wish.

It’s ok to cry mama, this is the hardest job you’ll know,

You’re doing amazing every day helping those babies grow.

It’s ok to cry mama, the old you is not forgotten,

You’re missing her, but know she’s there, for she has never fallen.

It’s ok to cry mama, please know that you’re enough,

You’re a remarkable, beautiful hero and built incredibly tough.

It’s ok to cry mama, for no reason at all,

You’re only one person, and the best one at that, I’ll never let you fall.

It’s ok to cry mama, we all cry too,

You’re not alone in how you feel so let me cry with you.

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