Michele Lovetri | About
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Michele Lovetri –  In My Own Words

Hi all! My name is Michele. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by! Apparently I’m supposed to tell you a little about myself so let’s try this out.


First and foremost being a mom to my amazing fraternal twin boys is by far my greatest achievement. There really is no greater love in the world, even when that love is covered in vomit, poop and snot. I’m also a wife, daughter, sister, friend and avid lover of impromptu dance parties.


I started the blog and Facebook page Michele Lovetri – In My Own Words because let’s face it, for us moms of multiples, it’s just…different. Aside from that I know that life is a journey and we are all doing the best we can whether it relates to parenting, careers, marriage, self -image, self – discovery, and well you see where I’m going with this.


I want to keep the conversation going so let’s talk about it all! Let’s talk being moms of multiples, ugly crying (I cry all.the.time), the good, the bad, the in between and just what’s on your mind. I like to think we are all rocking this thing called motherhood and life in our own way and would love to hear from you!